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At the heart of our organization lies a purpose: to illuminate the lives of older adults and their families with compassion and care. We're not just a faith-based, not-for-profit entity; we endeavor to be a beacon of warmth and empathy, dedicated to enriching every moment of our residents' lives. Here, there are no shareholders or stockholders demanding profits. Our accountability rests solely with the residents and families we serve. Their lives, their stories, their well-being—these are the treasures we value. And we recognize that in order to uphold our values, we must first ensure the job satisfaction of our team members.

Upholding Values in Senior Living Through Vision and Light

In the ever-evolving landscape of senior living, we stand firm in our commitment to uphold the values of faith-based, not-for-profit care providers. Together, we illuminate our path to thriving communities and fulfilled lives.

We have a vision for what exceptional senior care looks and feels like. We believe in the power of light–the light within each of us and the light we share with others. It's this vision that propels us forward, guiding us to create exceptional environments where every team member is valued and empowered.

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Empowering Excellence in Care and Communication

Exceptional care is more than just a service; it's a testament to dedication and passion. We invest in our team members, nurturing their growth and providing the tools they need to flourish. From comprehensive training programs to ongoing support and recognition, we aim to pave the way for success.

We believe communication is key—we listen, we learn, and we adapt, knowing that true excellence stems from understanding and collaboration. Within our halls, there's not just a sense of belonging but a promise of opportunity. We foster a culture of advancement and growth, where career paths are illuminated and dreams are realized.

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Balancing Life and Work

Amidst the work we do, we encourage balance, and nurture well-being, because we know that to truly care for others, we must first care for ourselves. We offer schedules designed to embrace life outside of work. Because we believe that life is meant to be lived, both inside and outside the walls of our communities.

We all know about the challenges health care organizations are facing today. The way things were done in the past simply isn’t working anymore. By offering competitive pay and benefits for exceptional work, understanding that every team member is uniquely valuable, and providing opportunities to grow and learn, we’re committed to building an organization fueled by compassion, driven by purpose, and illuminated by the light within each and every one of us. 

Join us, and become a part of something greater.

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Key Facts and Figures

Facts and Figures: 

  • The Illuminus Institute offers State-approved CBRF and CNA training and continues to expand its curriculum.

  • Regular check-ins during onboarding and training occur at two weeks, 45 days, 90 days, and six months.

  • A professional development coordinator aids in career growth, with regular reviews of career goals and career mapping available for all roles.

  • Our CEO began with our organization as an Administrator-in-Training from UW Eau Claire, demonstrating a commitment to promoting from within and succession planning.

  • Our goal to provide a healthy work-life balance is reflected in our schedules.

  • Full week of paid orientation provided before team members are asked to serve residents or provide care. New team members have the opportunity to shadow experienced caregivers.

  • Regularly-scheduled listening sessions are held to focus on not just our mission, the work being done by our team, and team recognition opportunities, but provide easy-to-access resources on important topics such as planning for retirement and caregiver health and wellbeing.

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Employment Benefits

At Illuminus, we understand how important fair pay and competitive benefits are to our team members. This is in part why we engage with a professsional third-party on a regularly-scheduled basis to ensure our compensation and benefits are fair competitive. In addition to the sense of purpose and belonging you’ll find with Illuminus, you can expect:

- Competitive compensation
- Health insurance
- Vision insurance
- Dental insurance
- Life insurance
- Paid holidays and paid time off
- 401(k) plan with employer matching
- Short-term disability
- Flex plan
- Clinical sign-on bonus

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Our Values

As a values-driven organization, we live our values in the care and services we provide and in the way we interact with one another.


We provide a caring, innovative and supportive environment for the individuals we serve, along with all who support them.


We are guided by faith, professional standards, and moral principles in our commitment to serving individuals with honesty, confidentiality, trust, respect, and transparency.


We are devoted to restoring health, well-being, and wholeness to those we serve, and to making a difference to seniors in our communities.


We respond to each individual with respect in an inviting and comfortable environment.


We are constantly seeking and implementing new ideas to continuously improve and advance our services.


We are all part of a dedicated, professional team that collaborates and shares knowledge to benefit the individuals we serve, as well as each other.

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If you're inspired to make a meaningful difference and ready to grow both personally and professionally, we'd love to welcome you to our team. Join us in redefining senior care and embark on a rewarding journey that celebrates your talents and contributions.

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